IoT Future Hub

Why to apply?

  • Prize money for the winning team CZK 100.000
  • Chance to work with Vodafone on a local or global level
  • Access to technology and business experts (mentoring)
  • Media visibility
  • Access to Investors with a focus on IoT with an investment potential of up to EUR 2.000.000


May 27 
Application deadline

May 30

September 11 10:00-20:00
Kick off event, Node5, Prague

September 13 13:00-21:00
Demo Day, Node5, Prague

Success Stories

  • Spaceti is a young Czech company that is ranked among the top in the area of digitization of buildings and has been also ranked second in Vodafone Idea of the Year 2016 competition. Within two years of its operation, it has managed to develop a “3v1” solution, consisting of a hardware sensor devices and mobile and web application. This technology can be easily installed in every building - whether it is an office, university or even a hospital - and can be connected through Vodafone NB-IoT's special network of narrowband internet. Spaceti has become officially part of the growing Vodafone IoT portfolio. So In the area of building digitization has been established a strong partnership. Prague's Vodafone headquarters not only became one of the first clients but also supports Spaceti in international expansion through the network of headquarters in other countries.
  • At the beginning of the successful collaboration between Záchranka app and the Vodafone Foundation, was the Vodafone Idea of the Year award. Originally, a student project supported by Alfa-Helicopter company, received a special social impact award in this competition and got in touch with the Vodafone Foundation. Foundation supported it with grants, provided comprehensive guidance, consultations, and know-how that greatly helped the application Záchranka in further development. Another significant impulse was the collaboration with Pavlína Zemanová from Vodafone - her expertise in the field of IoT helped to develop a smart bracelet, which will be similar to the application Záchranka for those who do not have a smart phone. Pavlína Zemanová also helped with many contacts and gave useful advice to Filip Maleňák, the author of the application. But the biggest impact of the Vodafone Foundation is the overlap in the everyday life of rescuers and patients, which can use the Záchranka app completely free of charge.

About IoT Future Hub

The IoT Future Hub program is primarily focused on startups that deal with digitization and the use of new technologies for businesses and residents.

Vodafone would like to establish cooperation with startups who want to develop the use of NB-IoT technology through innovative solutions and help these entrepreneurs to implement their projects. During the development and realization of their business ideas, the participants will receive individual technical and technical support from Vodafone, the best projects will get also a prize money.


About Technology

NB-IoT is a special network for the Internet of Things (dedicated for data transmission only). Its main advantage is high signal penetration in places where the availability of mobile network signal is very problematic. It enables remote (on-line) data collection even in the areas that are difficult to access, risky or are not covered by the traditional telecommunication technologies and their coverage is not economically meaningful.NB-IoT is a dedicated network only for data transmission and communication with mostly static devices (outside the electrical network, small data volumes, low communication frequency).

National coverage

The network covers 100% of the area with an outdoor signal and 94% of the population with the inside signal of the building.

High signal penetration

The signal is permeable through several walls, underground or under water.

Two-sided communication

All end devices can be controlled and set remotely.

Long battery life

End devices last up to ten years without the need to recharge.

Data security

The network is operated in a licensed band. Your data will be absolutely safe.

Cheap end devices

Cheap NB-IoT modules as well as other end devices.

Through the online portal, the service allows you to remotely control your purchased SIM and later manage your hardware using "device management". The service allows the API interface to link information to your own information system or internal portal.



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